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Originally Posted by angryllama
Timmy, would you like some cheese with that whine?

Spurs forward Tim Duncan
On fouling out at the end of the game:
It was incredibly frustrating because of the type of fouls that were being called down the stretch there. I didnít think they were fouls and then to sit with that with such a short clock.

On the sixth foul call:
He didnít fall into me. He didnít touch me Ė I didnít touch him. He tried to draw contact, I moved out of his way. If he stepped on my foot, he stepped on my foot. There was zero contact.

Wow great find, Llamabeans, first time in TD's HALL-OF-FAME CAREER, he complains about the officiating after game. And that sixth foul on him was BS.

Remember Dirk complaining during the 2003 series, especially after game 2.
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