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Putting Tim Thomas on Elton Brand and Shawn Marion on Sam Cassell was a great move on the Suns part.

Cassell had his worst game of the post season and Brand was reduced to a mere mortal.

Kaman picked a bad time to start playing like a little b**** out there. If not for the Russian influence we would have gotten killed Friday.

No reason to change from the Suns perspective. On the positive side the Clips played like **** the whole game and still had a shot at the end. On the other hand the Suns didn't play great either and those are the games that good teams have to fight though.

The final Nash shot was an offensive push but the MVP isn't gonna get called for that so I can't really b**** about it.

This is a must win for the Clips. Sucks to steal home court then give it right back the next game.
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