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Originally Posted by ro_50
I am honestly tired of this crap.
Geez, if the Mavs win this series, I will give them all the credit in the world but these pathetic attacks on TD, shut the hell up.
The Mavs havent won anything yet. Geez.
I never said that the series is over. Check my wont find that there. Forgive me for being excited that the Mavs have outplayed the NBA Champions in the first three games of a playoff series, and that their star player is consistently delivering the all-around great play that I had hoped to see from him in the playoffs. Forgive me for being happy that a team that depends on intentional flopping and gifts from the officials is not getting to fool the refs in this series.

The Spurs can still win, and I expected them to win the series, but you cant deny that Dallas has been the better team in nearly every phase for the first three games. Dallas is on top mentally too. There wont be alot of rest for SA at any point in the remainder of the series. It's going to take a gargantuan effort for the Spurs to win this series, and I am proud of the Mavs for putting them at a disadvantage so early in the series...for taking advantage of the situation and putting SA in an increasingly difficult situation. If Dallas wins game 4, the situation becomes very, very difficult for an aged team like SA.
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