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Originally Posted by Jason in LA
You mean that weakness that the Mavs have showed for so many years, while the Spurs, or my Lakers, went on to winning titles?
No, not that weakness...the weakness that your Lakers showed while being bounced by the equally weak and physically worn out Suns after being up 3-1. That type of playoff folding is usually held for guys like McGrady. It's nice to see the Lakers begin to cement themselves with that reputation. Chokers. Quitters.

This was a very close game. Don't act like the Mavs ran them off the court. It could have easily gone the other way, and you'd be crying right about now.
The Mavs have asserted their will in this series up to this point. They could easily be up 3-0 if they dont lose the lead in the fourth quarter of game 1 and Stack doesnt make that boneheaded play. The Mavs are getting what they want offensively and have put the clamps down on Ginobili and Parker. If the Mavs take game 4, the series is done. The Spurs' body language and dependance on the officials shows a team that is struggling to keep up. Poor Popovich looks beat down. The Mavs have the mental edge right now.
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