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Originally Posted by -Slap-
Yeah, the mentally weak Tim Duncan, who put up 35 and 12 and shot 65% from the floor........
No, Im talking about the mentally weak Tim Duncan that forces an immediate conference with the officials after every single whistle. The Tim Duncan that Bob has captured so righteously with his images on this thread. The Tim Duncan that gets away with as much as any player in the league, but feels entitled to every call enough that he complains more than any player Ive ever seen. Now he has led his whole team into incessant whining. Its a regular occurrence to see a three to four man Spur whine festival after a foul call. Play like a man. Like everyone else has to. Most players would have been T'ed up in every game that they pulled that garbage.

Nice to see Dirk has adopted the Playoff Limp. He's not in the class of all time sympathy milkers like Isiah Thomas or Kevin McHale, but he's getting there. Not sure how much more the refs can do for him in this series, though. He practically attempted more free throws than the entire Spurs team. Maybe Cuban can cry even more.
What a load of garbage. Did you even watch the game? Probably not.

Dirk Nowitzki might have led his team to a championship starting last night. If Dallas can manage to put it together and bounce the Spurs on their way to a championship, Nowitzki will have stamped his ticket for the HOF. That was a legendary performance. The dude relentlessly attacked the basket last night. That's why he got to the line. He took over and beat his perimeter defenders off of the dribble. Nowitzki is one of the main reasons that Duncan was in foul trouble. Nowitzki fouled him out on a dirty play where Duncan tried to undercut him subtly (yet Timmy still whines like a 3 year old)...then Dirk proceeded to supply the clutch plays down the stretch to put the Mavs on top.

Playoff Limp? That's laughable. Get over yourself. The Lakers suck.
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