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Originally Posted by angryllama
Great thread, Bob! Timmy "Who, me?" Duncan is making quite a reputation for himself as a whiny, poor loser in this series. He's showing the type of mental weakness that second-round-and-done teams show.

What a great victory for a limping Nowitzki and his Mavs. That game added to Dirk's legend in Dallas. It's too bad that no one cares outside of Texas, but this series is a monster. Dirk just delivered a Bird-esque game. Forget Bird, Dirk delivered a Dirk performance.
Yeah, the mentally weak Tim Duncan, who put up 35 and 12 and shot 65% from the floor........

Nice to see Dirk has adopted the Playoff Limp. He's not in the class of all time sympathy milkers like Isiah Thomas or Kevin McHale, but he's getting there. Not sure how much more the refs can do for him in this series, though. He practically attempted more free throws than the entire Spurs team. Maybe Cuban can cry even more.
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