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Originally Posted by JCMElway
One more thing about Dallas. If they advance past this round they are in uncarted waters.
Not true.

Dallas played in the conf. finals in 03. Avery has won a championship, Van Horn has played in the NBA Finals, and Stack has extensive playoff experience with Detroit and Philly.

The Pistons have been getting thios deep in the playoffs for four or five years now.
Not true either.

5 seasons ago, Detroit missed the playoffs with a 32-50 record.
4 seasons ago, Detroit went 50-32 and lost to the Celtics in the 2nd round.
3 seasons ago, Detroit lost in the E Conf Finals to the "powerhouse" Nets.
2 seasons ago, Detroit won the championship.
1 season ago, Detroit lost the championship to San Antonio.

So really, Detroit has been "deep" for three seasons, and has been the representative for the east in two of those seasons. Nothing near the "4 or 5" that you mentioned earlier.

If it comes down to Detroit vs. Dallas in the Finals I like the pistons' chances due to Finals experience alone. Not to mention talent and head to head matchups.
Dallas has plenty of talent, plenty of skill, plenty of defensive ability, and plenty of offensive options. Bring on the Pistons and their 6-man team.

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