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Originally Posted by JCMElway
It's the playoffs and teams invariably step up, esp. the first game on their home court. Do you really think that any team is going to hold LeBron James and Michael Redd down for four games in a row? Almost impossible to pull off with the caliber of those players. (And if Detroit had played Memphis they would have swept them as well.)
As for your not being impressed, well, that's how Detroit operates. They play a very defensive style, clamp down opponents break chances, and hit timely threes. They usually win their game by scoring around 90 points and holding their opponetns near 80. Not very impressive untill you realize they did it to their opponents 4 games out of 5 or 6.
Defense wins championships and that will prove to be the case again.
(Oh, and if you think that Dallas is a better defensive team than Detroit you are more of a homer than I thought.)
Wrap it up in whatever bow makes you feel nice and warm, but Detroit lost to a sub .500 team in the playoffs. After that, they went into a series with a sorry Cleveland outfit and have lost a game to this point. That to me says two things: 1) Detroit has problems executing, 2) Detroit likes to coast at times. Both of those things illustrate problems that Dallas would exploit.

Detroit is good, and I expect them to make the finals. If the Spurs make the finals, I expect the Pistons to take it. If Dallas makes it, Dallas will take the rings. That I am sure of. The Spurs are the team that Dallas has to beat to win a championship. The Pistons would be window dressing.
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