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Originally Posted by JCMElway
Play off prediction:
Round two: Detroit wins in 5.
Round three: Detroit in 6. (Maybe 5 if the Heat/Nets are tired out from the last series.)
Finals: Detroit in 6.
I don't care who the Pistons play. That's how it goes down!
(Oh, and if Detroit loses I know this will get bumped. But I'll prolly bump it if I'm right. Heh.)

You sure are going out on some limbs there!

Detroit shouldnt have lost a game against those patsies that they have been served up. Milwuakee? Cleveland? The eastern conference is weak, and those two teams represent best why that conference is inferior. How on earth does Detroit lose a playoff game to a sub .500 team? It's bad enough that they lose to Cleveland.

The Pistons havent impressed me one bit.
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