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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Pezman
Wow, I hate this area more than ever now. Mini, sure is a convienent time for you to make your first appearance in either of our two hockey threads. Weak brother... just weak.
I am glad to be the real sole rep of the Ducks. Thanks Pez for the congrats. I think you will see more flags than CB24 and others in LA as you are alot closer to the Pond of Anaheim. Bring on the bandwagoners like Mini. I wont make every game so that means i can sell my tixs for alot more $. My tickets are only $9.50 each for the regular season, $16.50 for Western Conference Finals and $19 for Stanley Cup Finals! What other sport gives you Championship tickets for under $20? Plus, I snuck into 2 Stanley Cup Finals games in 2003 so maybe i wont need a ticket anyways. Well, proud of my Ducks and amazed on their rookie and sophomore players. I hope most AVS fans root for the Ducks. Just like wanting the Steelers to beat the Seahawks because I want to lose to the best. Hope there is good hockey talk here even if the Avs are gone. I think many here have good insight and I enjoy your opinions. Im extending my celebration from 24 hours to the start of next series. Go Oilers #8 seed.
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