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Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
Q deserves a lot of the blame too. There's enough to go around. Why in God's green earth Breezeblow was out there tonight after last night pissed me off, but I can handle it. But GOOD LORD MAN, he kept putting him out time and time again after he made bad play after bad play!

Breeze must have some nasty pics of Q or something. That's the only reason I can think of for continuing to let the waste of space play.
Breezeby is one of Lacroix's "boys." Perhaps there was a directive from upstairs that Breezeby was not to be scolded or benched no matter how brutal he was on the ice.

Hell, Mike Evans from 950 The Fan acted appalled that some of us had the nerve to call him out after game 3. I mean, he said he was sorry! What else do you want from the poor guy who's making $2.25 million and hasn't been held accountable by anyone for any of his mistakes since he got here?
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