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Originally Posted by Bronco X
The Avs are a better playoff team than the Stars, no doubt, but I think that says a lot about how bad a playoff team the Stars are and not much about how good a playoff team the Avs are. The Avs and Stars have some of the same problems (their core players are too old, not enough speed and energy), so it was a good matchup for the Avs. I just think that if the Avs wound up playing any of the other WCF teams, other than Nashville perhaps, they don't make it out of the first round, so I don't think it's unjustified to call it an abberation. Maybe this series has left a bad taste in my mouth... I've never seen the Avs get so badly dominated in a playoff series. They were out of it from game 1. Changes have to be made.

Yeah, they are a better playoff team than the Stars, but they also looked way better against the Stars than they did against the Ducks. More energy, more scoring. They match up better against the Stars. Age against age, I guess. Those young whippersnapper Ducks were just too much for our experienced vets.

I was ready to call the Ducks getting out of Calgary an aberration, but that is CLEARLY not the point.

Aberration is just not the word I think of when I think of round 1 for the Avs. That just doesn't sit well with me, but each to his own.
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