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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
Keeping Brisbieous (sp) in there is very curious to be sure, but I dont see how any heat can be on Joel Quenneville. He got a team that was inconsistent all year long (culminating in a 7 seed) to the 2nd round. The team they are going to get eliminated by may very well win the Stanley Cup the way they are playing.
I would agree to an extent, but at what point does he become accountable with that late season swoon that dropped them to that 7 seed? I know we had some injury concerns that affected us as well. Hell, I'd like to see Pierre held more accountable for that poor defense and lack of depth as well.

As for Anaheim, I think their series vs San Jose (most likely) will be a pretty even series. I still think San Jose will be the favorite to head into the finals, but the way Bryzgalov has been, he could very well will that Ducks team all the way at this rate.
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