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Originally Posted by rbackfactory80
I wish Dallas would get by the Spurs, that would mean the NBA wouldn't have to wait another month to hand the trophy to Detroit. Beware what you wish for, Pistons will beat them up in 5.
I have no apprehenision about a Mav matchup with Detroit. Detroit has always been the lesser team when they play each other over the past 4 or 5 seasons. I hear a bunch of unfounded junk about how much better Detroit is than everyone else, but where is the discussion? Personally, I think that detroit would put up a fight, but if Dallas beats SA (who they have much more trouble with historically than Detroit) then Dallas will win a championship.

Dallas destroyed Detroit by 37 this season. That's three short of 40.
That's Varsity v. the Freshman team. They obliterated Detroit from the first whistle of that game.

Dallas isnt afraid of Detroit. I can guarantee that.
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