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Default Rotating logo avatars...

Just wanted to say hello, and offer my assistance.

I have been a member for quite a while, popping in and out, but have checked in a bit more frequently as of late. (I think the off-season is getting to me, need ANY info I can get a hold of!)

Anywho... quite a few guys over at Broncomania have had me make rotating avatars (such as mine you see to the left).

If anyone would like one, just shoot me a PM with your request.

A few options - they can rotate left, right, up, down, swing back and forth, or up and down, or switch between a couple different logos as they spin... just lemme know what you have in mind.

Should be a bit easier here, the avatar file size limit at Broncomania is pitiful... makes it hard to do a whole lot.

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