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Originally Posted by ro_50
This is no doubt the big boys series out West and its laughable to me to see JV teams (compared to the Spurs and Mavs) battle in the other spot. The Clipps and Suns are good teams but they are not the Spurs and Mavs and the winner of this series will win the West.
These guys know that too. You can see it on their faces. They know that this series is a trip to the finals. I see the winner of this series coming out with extreme momentum and destroying the Suns/Clippers within 5 games. Both the Spurs and the Mavs are too complete for those teams. Inside, outside, offensively, defensively, they are both too much. In the playoffs, it's not about how many points you scored in the reg. season. Its about how efficiently you score. I believe that both Dallas and SA are more efficient offensive teams than PHX and LAC. Ideally, the Clips would have a better shot at beating one of those teams, but their post players and defense arent doing enough to beat the Suns. That doesnt speak well for them in a matchup against Dallas or SA.
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