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Originally Posted by angryllama
Yep. NVE has always had those problems. I dont like his reaction to the non-call. You dont do that to your team in a game that important.
If it wasn't that, Javie would have found another reason to run Van Exel. Those two have been at each other going all the way back to Nick The Quit's Denver days.

Joey Crawford has the worst case of rabbit ears in the NBA, but Steve Javie holds grudges forever. Javie had a running feud with Dan Issel until Issel's coaching days came to an end. It was a mortal lock that any game in which Issel & Javie were involved, Issel was getting at least one technical and more than likely getting tossed. Here's a story that Issel told after he was out of coaching:

He and Javie were talking during a timeout and being cordial for a change. Issel asked Javie why he didn't like Nick Van Exel. Javie responded, "Nick Van Exel is a miserable human being." Issel laughed and jokingly said, "I think you're a miserable human being." Javie hit him with a technical and Issel went absolutely ballistic. Needless to say, Issel was quickly assessed his 2nd technical and was ejected.
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