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Originally Posted by angryllama
Yep. NVE has always had those problems. I dont like his reaction to the non-call. You dont do that to your team in a game that important.

He's a bit-part player. He's not going to get 3 free throws on a 50/50 call in what amounts to the Western Finals. I felt bad for him after the ejection, because at that point it became official that Van Exel has lost the ability to have a significant impact on the game. He will forever be resigned to 0-10 minute per game performances. I know that he has had some bad seasons before this one, but it's saddening to me to see a guy's career go down the tubes.

You may have good memories of NVE because when he was w/ the Mavs, he was a solid player for you guys but he's been brutal this year and its amazing that a coach like Pop still goes to him instead of Beno, who has played better when given the chance in the playoffs.

I'm glad he got tossed last night because he's not the player he once was. He's slow out there and his elbow has given him problems w/ his shooting.
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