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Originally Posted by ludo21
big win here for the mavs.

splitting it in SA is very good!

Not just a big win, but a resounding complete victory. 22 points on SA's own floor. A 20 point lead was maintained from midway through the second quarter on. SA is beat up and beat down after that one. I cant say that Im disappointed that Ginobili hurt himself with his signature lane-basket-flail.

SA has the indominable will of a champion. There is no doubt that they will be scrapping to the death in game 3. I expect a full 7 games.

Im proud of my Mavs though. Great game all-around. Avery made some adjustments that caught Pop off-guard. Devin Harris had a free pass to the rim when the pick n roll defenders hung with Dirk. He found a way to exploit their defensive rotation on the pick n roll. Let Dirk be a decoy, and let your lightning-fast guard take and make layups.

Josh Howard had a nice game as well. He needs to start making smart choices with the ball. He freewheels a bit too much and gets blinders on in the fast break, but he was tenacious and played better defense on Ginobili than anyone did on him. As I mentioned before the series, Josh is the X factor. Unfortunately, Josh has been very inconsistent over his career. He'll have a 27/9 night and follow it up with a 12/5 night. He needs to start playing smart and balanced. When he does, Dirk will have a true #2 star player and you can start wrapping up division championships.

Devin Harris repeated a performance that he had in the Mavs/Spurs first matchup of the season where he got free trips to the rim in the 4th (as the defense focused on Dirk), and Dallas won by 20. Devin is a special talent with a special future. He's got all-star skills. Avery called him the best defender on the team earlier in the season. Couple that with a nearly unstoppable offensive game and you have an al-star point guard. With he, Howard, Daniels, Diop, and Mbenga growing up alongside young vets Dirk and Terry, Dallas is looking solid for years to come.

Dirk had a great all-around game. He played excellent transition defense and guarded the perimeter very well. He rebounded well and shot an efficient 7-11 for 21 points. His encouragement and challenge of his teammates to rise to the occasion obviously worked. Way to go Dirk. Awesome game.

Stackhouse had a nice bounce back game. I cringed every time that he tossed up a corner three, but for once this season they went in more often then they didnt. I hate to see Stack take jumpers. There is nothing worse to see in a Mavs game because there are usually three guys on the floor who can shoot jumpers much more efficiently than Stack can. He should be going to the rim every time he gets the ball. Stack is tough though. He's a fierce competitor, and he comes to play in big games. Im glad hes a Mav.

See ya in game 3 Spurs fans. Home court now belongs to Dallas. Can they hold it? Can the Spurs stay healthy? How will Pop adjust to Avery's point guard change? Will Ginobili come out of Howard's shadow? If Pop tracks the guards, who will cover Dirk? Will the Mavs centers continue with the foul trouble? Who will win the battle of I-35?

What a great series this one should be. The powers of the west slugging it out toe to toe. Duncan and Dirk, Ginobili and Howard, Pop and Avery, Parker and Harris, Bench v. Bench. I cant wait for game 3.
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