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Paul Ernster

Originally Posted by The Big E
Yep. The best team always (or very close to it) wins a 7 game series. The Suns-Lakers series showed that, as the Lakers scrubs returned to form as the series unfolded.

I don't think the Spurs complain any more than anyone else, but they really are annoying, so I understand the gripes. They also bore me to tears, despite their excellence. They're kind of like the "Up With People" team of the NBA, and they really could use some edginess.

Still, it's hard to see them losing before the finals, unfortunately. The NBA probably doesn't want them there because they aren't exactly ratings-grabbers.

Thats part of the reason i want them to lose, they are boring, and plus the Suns have a better shot at beating the Mavs if they get that far. JMO

But even vs the Spurs, maybe the Suns stand a chance. They pushed it to 7 games last year....but that was with all of our all stars.

Cavs cant beat the Pistons unless Detroit takes a game off, just no chance.
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