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Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
Check it out. Forsberg needs more ankle surgery...again, and may not even be well for the beginning of the season.

If the Philadelphia Flyers' first-round exit from the Stanley Cup playoffs wasn't enough bad news, the team now faces the possibility of beginning next season without their top player.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that centre Peter Forsberg will need surgery on at least one, if not both, ankles and could miss the start of the 2006-07 season, according to trainer Jim McCrossin.

According to Flyers reporter Tim Panaccio, Forsberg will seek a second opinion from a doctor in Houston next week but he seems committed to having surgery this summer.

"If I want to keep on playing at the level I am, I have to get (surgery)," he said.
"I think I have to come back healthy...I have to take care of it and I have to do it this summer."

Forsberg reportedly has loose ligaments in his ankles that were more uncomfortable than painful. The condition affected his balance, put added stress on his legs and made it difficult to keep his right foot in his skate.

Forsberg could lead a lengthy list of Flyers that need surgery, including Derian Hatcher (knee), Michal Handzus (shoulder) and Sami Kapanen (shoulder).

Well is PL smelling like a rose again? and hatcher wow! what a suprise. (s)
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