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The off-season.
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I'm not surprised that Sharks fans have already anointed their team the 2006 Western Conference champs. Why not? They're playing well. We'll never know if Vokoun would have made a difference, but they did handle the Preds. Offensively they're not as dynamic as Ottawa, but they're pretty darn good...and Toskala isn't too shabby in the nets.

They're a good team, and will be tough for the Avs to beat if that's the hand their dealt. But what the hell? This tournament is for the Stanley Cup, so it's pretty pointless to try and dodge teams. Might as well show up at the rink, and skate hard...the rest will take care of itself...for good or ill.

As far as dallas not trying...that's nonsense...they tried...they just weren't good enough. The AVS simply outplayed the stars.
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