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Originally Posted by Tredici
Not to pick on Assassin, but this post made me laugh. Mainly because of all the years other Wing fans repeatedly made fun of all that talent the Avs had going nowhere. I believe the saying was "Avs rely too much on their talent".

And to an extent, it's true. Besides the heart, guts, grit, goaltending, and hard work I'll throw this in - health and the bounce of the puck.

I've certainly learned you can appreciate a "garbage" goal from Joe Sakic as much as a patented, pretty wrister.

Much admiration for Stevie Y getting back on the ice and giving the effort. He's always been a class guy.
that was in an era in which clutching and grabbing was freely allowed and when refs swallowed their whistles in the final period. after watching the regular season, you can see why the hope that talent, given the opportunity to shine, would prevail. but hockey is hockey--grit and determination STILL go a long way against talent that lacks it.
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