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For fun, let's just see how wrong some or all of us were with our predictions. I'm more than happy to eat crow on my Avs one. I know I really picked badly on the other ones though.

(1) Ottawa 4
(8) Tampa Bay 2

(2) Carolina 4
(7) Montreal 2

(3) New Jersey 4
(6) New York 2

(4) Buffalo 4
(5) Philadelphia 3

(1) Detroit 4
(8) Edmonton 2

(2) Dallas 4
(7) Colorado 3

(3) Calgary 3
(6) Anaheim 4

(4) Nashville 1
(5) San Jose 4

Ottawa over Tampa Bay in four games
Montreal over Carolina in six games
New Jersey over New York in six games
Buffalo over Philadelphia in seven games


Detroit over Edmonton in five games
Dallas over Colorado in six games
Calgary over Anaheim in seven games
San Jose over Nashville in six games
Ottawa over Tampa in 5
Carolina over Montreal in 6
New Jersey over New York in 5
Philadelphia over Buffalo in 6

Detroit over Edmonton in 5
Colorado over Dallas in 6
Calgary over Anaheim in 6
San Jose over Nashville in 6
Ottawa over TB in 4
Carolina over the Habs in 6 ( although those Habs certainly are a hot commodity )
NJ over NY in 7
Buffalo over Philly in 7

Detwat over Edmonton in 6
Dallas over our beloved Avs in 6 too
Calgary over Anaheim in 6
San Jose over Nashville in 7
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