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Originally Posted by 24champbailey
I know thats why I said in the GENERAL HOCKEY THREAD that anyone that has watched hockey in the last decade KNOWS the Red Wings typically suck in the first round. I didnt expect the Red Wings to be bounced but encounter some problems with the Oilers and lose in the next round. Im not shocked they got bounced from the playoffs, will be interesting to read the papers in Detroit. Hope they do not blame Legace and blame the Defensemans, because they were just slow.

whoa fight in the Ducks game, cool.
Yep, and its gonna be a painful end for Stevie Y methinks. I would be stunned if he came back next year. I guess I feel pretty bad for him though, that has to be a pretty sad way to end a brilliant career.

That fight in the Calgary game was great! I think we'll see a high spirited game here tonight.
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