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Originally Posted by Pezman
Tred, even as much as I've dogged Blake for his mediocre regular season, I have to give props to him for coming alive and playing his best hockey of the year during the Dallas series. He showed flashes of why he can be such a fantastic defenSeimian and I hope it carries to the second round.

I still am hoping for a Ducks miracle so that we dont have to face San Jose. I'm sooo not wanting to face San Jose in that second round. Then again, I still think Detroit is probably going to find a way to push their series to 7 games and make this speculation fodder.
Blakie really picked it up after the All Star break and the Olympics. He had a few games in there where he was just dominate.

Guys like Srastins have been such solid performers. I hope he gets a payday out of that cap increase the NHL is going dole out.

I'm not going to analyze the future matchups. In order to get to the prize you have to stand 'em up and knock 'em down. That's why I love hockey playoffs. Whoever is left standing totally earns it.
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