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Originally Posted by hades
Oh man, the papers, news, everyone is dogging the Stars, it's great! Got this from the Dallas Morning News, I was LMAO when I read it, Peyton Syndrome!

Here are issues the Stars will have to address after their first-round playoff exit:

Dave Tippett: He's won all three seasons but has delivered just one playoff series win. He got an endorSeimiant from captain Mike Modano and has a contract that runs through 2008.

Marty Turco: He's developing Peyton Manning Syndrome as a great regular-season performer who underachieves in the playoffs. He's signed for four years on a hefty contract, but several teams with goaltending problems might be interested.

I find it funny the press doesn't call out the defense but only turco or jason arnott whom had zero points in this series or the offense not being able to score in OT.
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