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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc
I just got home from a great day of watching the Avs win yet another OT game and then enjoying this beautiful Spring weather. Is there anything more exciting in sports than seeing your team win an overtime game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? I'd say there isn't anything better aside from winning a championship, and we got to witness three OT wins in the last seven days. Awesome, just awesome.

At the start of the regular season I was just hoping to keep our playoff streak alive and maybe win a series. Now that that's been accomplished everything else is gravy. If the Wings lose tomorrow night it will be an even better season, particularly with the Canucks choking so bad to miss the playoffs and Crawford getting the boot (and Bertuzzi being a jinx to Team Canada and Vancouver).

At the trade deadline we had a lot of Avalanche fans throwing in the towel when Lacroix swapped Aebi for Theo and only added Jim Dowd to the forward corps. Well, Dowd was great in this series on the penalty kill and scored an important goal today in the second period to get us on the board and stop Dallas‘s domination up to that point. Theo hasn’t lit the world on fire since coming back from injury but he's been good enough to win. His play since the second period of game 4 has been very encouraging. I'm glad we have him rather than Aebischer; Jose has a much higher ceiling (and salary, regrettably).

I've written a lot of positive things about Brett Clark this year and then he goes out and throws a devastating, clean check on Mike Modano. That sure came out of nowhere from the usually non-physical Clark. He's been a revelation all year and almost scored another short hander with 6 minutes to go in the third period. All this production for Frederick Cassivi.

Tanguay's been rightly criticized for his play all series, but I thought Ian Laperriere was just as bad. Lappy was an awesome addition for us in the regular season so I'm sure he can turn it around, just like Tangs can. What I find odd is that Lappy has not spent even one second killing penalties this series after being one of our two best PK guys all year along with Antii Laaksonen. Milan Hejduk and Brad Richardson are getting his minutes on the penalty kill. I really have no answer for why that is.

Finally, I have to give credit to chadta for calling me out on my playoff picks. He was right that I'm a homer; I picked the Avs to win in 6 and they obviously won in 5. I admit I was wrong, chadta.

I was amazed Modano came back, he thought he was batman there for awhile, as far a clark is concerned he has filled in amazingly and is playing 30 mins a game so i guess you can say Q is happy with his play. The mighty jim dowd what else can one say about the guy and again PL comes out smelling like a rose with another killer FA pick up.

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