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Originally Posted by MightySmurf
That said, who do you think the Av's will play next round?
After San Jose finished off Nashville tonight, it's between them, Detroit and the Ducks.

If Detroit comes back to beat Edmoton, the Avs face the Wings. If Edmonton beats Detroit and Calgary beats Anaheim, the Avs face San Jose. If Edmonton beats Detroit and Anaheim beats Calgary, the Avs face the Ducks.

San Jose scares the crap out of me and I'm not talking about Thornton, Bernier and Cheechoo are beasts. Toskala is another stud out of the San Jose goaltending factory (wanna bet Nabokov is in another uniform next year....hello Tampa Bay!). San Jose's speed is killer. I think the only weakness is that there is some inexperience on their blueline. For the Avs to matchup...Tanguay needs to get his head out of his arse...the Avs need some production from the second line because you know teams will focus on the *new* JAM line (Joe/ Andrew/ Milan).

Best matchup for Colorado....the Ducks. I have a lot of respect for Anaheim, but nothing would be better then sticking it to that POS Dr. Brian Burke.

Worst matchup? Detroit. No need to explain further.
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