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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Jori
Brunette makes up for 2003

And big props to's nice to see him have a great game like that going into the next series.
Yes. Tay-o-door was outstanding today he made all the big saves he and the AVS needed. The stars strategy of shooting the puck in at Jose from all over the place kind of backfired today...he was good with the glove thus preventing second and third chances.

I thought the AVS did a great job in the series of not allowing the stars to be as physical as they wanted. I believe they actually out hit them today. They neutralized the star's size and strength advantage by moving the puck, and out skating dallas.

I was glad to see Modano back on the ice after that brutal hit he took from Clark. I'm a Modano fan.

A fine series win for the AVS, and Tay-o-door earned his scratch today.

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