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Originally Posted by Pendejo predicted the series would end in six, and I think it still will (If not in 5).

The AVS weren't pathetic tonight...they just lost to a desperate stars team.

Your boy Tay-o-door played stronger tonight. He gave up a weak ass goal, but it's only what his...9th or tenth game with the team? He just needs some time to adjust...WE MUST GIVE HIM TIME!!!

The AVS had the goals necessary to win on their sticks...they just didn't bury them. They didn't get mauled. If Tay-o-door stops the first two goals like he should have...we're looking at a 1-1 game...and that's with the boys blowing several scoring chances.

They'll rally, and win the series.
I just get tired of seeing this team blow opportunities to finish teams at home.

We didn't get any bounces, that's for sure.

Theo isn't my boy (Budaj is). I hope Billington can help him with his glove-hand problems. He looks fine down low, which is a good sign.
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