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If you would have told me two weeks ago that we'd be up 3 games to 1 in our first round series I would have taken it. Now I don't feel too confident about winning that final game.

This franchise has been great for a decade now. They've given this community so many good memories. We've seen tons and tons of excellent players wearing an Avalanche sweater over the years. But the one thing this franchise hasn't done well, at least since 1998, is put teams away when they have the chance. Only the '99-'00 team showed killer instict between the '98 choke against Edmonton and today. Things are going to get real interesting (and scary) if we don't win in Dallas on Sunday.

The big guns need to step it up again. Only Rob Blake played well tonight out of our experienced players. Alex Tanguay is frustrating the **** out of me. He hasn't done much in the playoffs since his great performance in the 2001 playoffs (and I suppose his game 7 heroics against New Jersey gives him immunity from my full wrath). Even Alex's two goals in game 3 did not go in the net off his own stick.

Joe Sakic also played one of his poorest playoff games since the 2000 Western Conference Finals. I'm not worried one bit about him picking up his game again on Sunday.

Jose Theodore changed the complex of the game by letting in a weak goal to Lehitnen. I think if the Avalanche could have built a 2-0 lead the Stars would have folded. Instead Theo gave them life and the Avs never really recovered. He did look better in the second and third, but the damage was done.
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