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The off-season.
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"The Greek"

Obviously the AVS let a golden opportunity slip away tonight, but I don't think they sucked. They generated quite a few great scoring chances...they missed an open net on a couple...and had some pucks bounce over their sticks on others. It happens. The AVS played their worst game of the series, and the stars played their best.

I thought Tay-o-door had his best game of the series. He looked pretty strong in the crease to me. The goal he gave up to Lehtinen was pathetic, and I thought he could have stopped Hagman on his breakway, but overall he seemed a lot sharper in his nets. Saying that...I think that the next time he ventures out of the crease to play a puck he should immediately be deported. He is flat out terrible when he plays the puck. At one point tonight according to a graphic on OLN...he'd played the puck 23 times and turned it over eight.

Also...the stars were a completely different team on the PK. They were active, and the AVS didn't adjust...they were slow with the puck...and Turco made them pay.

The AVS took the stars' best shot tonight, and lost...but they're certainly not outclassed...not in this series anyway. The good guys are still in control, and while they've given the stars's only temporary. It'll go six games at the most...
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