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Originally Posted by defenseman
What a bunch of MORONS. I've seen primadonnas before, but these "wingie" fans take the cake. Not surprising, everytime I watch a hockey game, and Maltby and his bunch are out there with "s**t eating" grins on their faces, or the "you can't be serious trying to beat us" look on their faces, I just want to take a slap shot on their noggins. The ONLY two I really like are Stevie Y, and Shanahan. They actually appear down to earth for the most part......On that note, I am the self proclaimed "anti-christ" of all red wing fans. I truley despise them, however, I do respect their hockey talent. Keep in mind, the Oiler / WINGIE series is tied. Anything can happen in two or three games. Love to see the oilers send them home packing. Maltby and Draper crying in their beers..!!!!!!! Dman
I will give you a run for you money in the wing hatin dept.
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