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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
The Avs can't play Calgary in round 2. If Detroit beats Edmonton, the Avs are the lowest remaining seed and have to play the highest remaining seed (Detroit). If Edmonton beats Detroit, both the #1 & #2 seeds will be eliminated, leaving Calgary as the highest seed left and Edmonton as the lowest. Under that scenario, the Avs would play the winner of the Sharks/Preds series.
You're absolutely correct. The Avs (#7) would be up against the Preds/Sharks survivor (#4 or #5) and EDM (#8) would take on CAL (#3).

That still leaves the weirdest case scenario alive: EDM d. CAL and COL d. SJS or NAS, leaving #7 against #8.

(Thanks, Clockwork. I read my post twice and still missed my miscalculation of the pairings.)
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