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Originally Posted by ClevelandBronco
Looks like Avs fans can start thinking about a series with the Wings. To tell the truth, I'd rather do it that way than the way we'd have to do it if EDM won the series with DET. If that were to happen, we'd get (probably) the Sharks (maybe the Preds if we got really lucky), then (may the hockey gods be willing and may we prove to be worthy) the Flames after they put away the Oil.

At any rate, it's the Wings or the Flames up next (may the hockey gods be willing and may we prove to be worthy). I'd rather have the Wings now, and then deal with the winner of the Flames/Sharks (or Preds) series than I'd like to deal with the Flames in round 2, then almost inevitably face the Sharks in the WCS, once they take the Oil down.

Weirdest case scenario is still very much alive, though. Round 1: Avs over Stars, Oil over Wings, Sharks or Preds (wouldn't matter to the Avs in this scenario) and Flames over Ducks.

2nd round: Colorado over the San Jose/Nashville survivor and Edmonton over Calgary (or even an unlikely Anaheim. It wouldn't matter).

Western finals: No.7 Colorado vs. No. 8 Edmonton.

It'd take a lot of bouncing pucks to make it happen, but it's not an unrealistic possibility.

Problem is, if that pipe dream somehow becomes a reality, Stanley almost certainly goes East. (Unless, of course, the hockey gods are willing and we prove to be worthy.)
The Avs can't play Calgary in round 2. If Detroit beats Edmonton, the Avs are the lowest remaining seed and have to play the highest remaining seed (Detroit). If Edmonton beats Detroit, both the #1 & #2 seeds will be eliminated, leaving Calgary as the highest seed left and Edmonton as the lowest. Under that scenario, the Avs would play the winner of the Sharks/Preds series.
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