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Originally Posted by Jori
I share some of Pandejo's reservations regarding Theodore. His strength is his athleticism; he has very quick feet. I don't think the reduction in his pads has hurt him, I think the smaller glove has definately been a factor. He doesn't have a great glove hand to begin with.

He's a better talent then Aebischer, but he'll be more heavily criticzed then David because of his salary. I don't think it's fair to really judge this trade until after of 06-07 season. Yes, he'll have to play better in the second round if the Avs are to advance, but at this point, anything else the Avs do is a bonus. Nobody would have expected what we have seen this week.

I guess iam being more patient with theo (this year) i share the same reservations as all of you about theo but iam not going to nit pick him when hes only got 8 games under his belt 3 of those being playoff games. (Iam sure billington is working with him daily)

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