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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc
I agree. I don't think Theo has let in any horrible goals. The two he let in game 1 he had no chance on. The first 3 Dallas goals of game 2 were off weird bounces. I do think he should have had Modano's goal at the end of the second period in game 2. I don't think he had much of a chance on all 3 goals tonight.

All I know is he's made every stop in the third period and overtime in this series (of course it helps when the Stars hit the post in the first overtime game and didn't even get a shot on goal in the second).
Ok. I will retreat. Every goal the stars have scored in this series has either been unstoppable, or a fluke. He's had no chance.

I'm clearly getting to much into the negative the team is playing their best hockey of the season. I admit that I am simply not a Theodore fan, and I think his earlier success was a product of yes his ability, but also his huge pads. I think a good deal of the time he looks lost in the net, and he fights the puck like Watermock fights the barmaid at last call.

Just watching these games, and I see the effort the team is putting out there in front of him, and I want to believe that when the team breaks down, or simply can't get anything going...that he'll steal a game.

I just don't think he looks very good. And on the Stu Barnes goal he was flat out late...not a split second. It wasn't a laser, and it wasn't a perfect shot...he should have made the save. (Edit: I don't think there is a goalie in the world that could have made the save on that Texas leaguer of a shot that hit him in the back, and trickled across the line. He was in perfect position)

But the bottom line is the AVS are winning, and I hope that Tay-o-door proves me wrong.

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