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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc
The Zubov 5-on-3 goal was scored because of a great Morrow screen.

Theo hasn't had to be great in the 3 wins and I don't think he's had a chance to be great in the first 3 games.

If we win this series we'd either face Legace and the Wings, Mason and the Predators, Toskala and the Sharks, or Gigeure and the Ducks (we can't face Calgary or Edmonton is the second round due to seeding). The only goalie of those four that is definitely better than Theo is Gigeure. Toskala is an unknown at this point and I'd be much more scared of Thornton, Cheechoo and Marleau than their goalie.

Man! this kinda reguards Pendejo post
goal 1 - oddman rush yes theo got over a split second too late but almost got it, he can't leave the puck handler until the pass is underway.
goal 2 - total screen
goal 3 - The puck deflected off clarks stick what the heck is he suppose to do?
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