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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Bronx33
Iam just saying woulda coulda shoulda really don't matter if your going to chew somebody out it would probably be PL the one who made the deal, i really don't think it was for this year of the playoff run because PL knows we don't have what it take to go the distance. But more likely for next season, theo is worth the money i guess that yet to be seen but i wouldn't use his proformance in the playoffs as a tell all see all for the future.
I don't think I've chewed anyone out. I just don't think Theodore is very good. I hope I'm wrong. He can't use his huge pads anymore, and I don't think that he's ever going to live up to his Vezina billing. I thought he didn't deserve that trophy as it was.

My whole point is that he owes it to his teammates not to look like an amateur on half the shots he faces, or when he plays the puck. Hell...earlier tonight he stole a puck from Tanguay, and turned it over.

You're right in saying that the trade was Lacroix's fault...all I said is that Tay-o-door is paid better than Aebischer, and now he needs to play like that.

I hope that by the time the playoffs are over for the AVS you get to rub this in my face. In a perfect world it would be with a Stanley cup ring plugging up one of tay-o-door's ears.
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