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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
Come on Wings, gotta win this game.

I absolutely hate to see 8s beat 1s (that I dont otherwise hate). Ive never been comfortable with the whole idea that you can make up for a crappy season in one series. If an 8 should be allowed to beat a 1 and basically overturn the entire regular season, there should be a heavy burden, i.e. all 7 games at the 1's home ice, and the 1 starts out with a 2 goal lead in each game. If the 8 seed can overcome all that too win the series than fine.
I dunno. There are so many other factors to consider. Especially in hockey where it can be just a matter of a few points separating the best from the worst. It's not like .500 teams regularly make the Stanley Cup playoffs which is why they are considered some of the best in sports.

No way around the fact Detroit gained a bunch of points playing against some real weak links in their division while the Oilers had to battle more quality opponents. So being number one isn't necessarily an indication of dominance or a gaurantee of a pass out of round one. Plus, with long seasons injuries can play a part in where a team finishes and getting healthy players back at the right time can salvage the season with a few playoff wins.

There can be all sorts of reasons for a "crappy season" I like that a team can have an opportunity to overcome that. Hey, if you are really the best? Take the shots and come out standing.
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