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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
Gotta disagree with ya there bro. Its still just 4 games. 4 games dont make up for 82 games of mediocrity. Ive never bought into this whole "playoff games are the real season"..baloney. Its one game just like any other game is one game, same rules, same everything, the only reason its worth more is because we say it is. The buildup is purely artificial. If a team that went 41-41 beats a team that went 62-20 in 4 games, their 45-41 against 62-24....still nothing has changed. I realize that this would make it impossible to ever have teams significantly lower than the higher team advance which is why im ok with 8s beating 1s but only if the series is tilted strongly in favor of the 1 beyond a mere slight home court/ice/field advantage. Every game must be at the 1, and the 1 has to start out with a fairly substantial lead. The 8 should have to overcome many huge obstacles to advance.
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