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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
Come on Wings, gotta win this game.

I absolutely hate to see 8s beat 1s (that I dont otherwise hate). Ive never been comfortable with the whole idea that you can make up for a crappy season in one series. If an 8 should be allowed to beat a 1 and basically overturn the entire regular season, there should be a heavy burden, i.e. all 7 games at the 1's home ice, and the 1 starts out with a 2 goal lead in each game. If the 8 seed can overcome all that too win the series than fine.
Better that an 8 beats a 1 in a series rather than in just a one game playoff though bro. Personally, if an 8 seed wins a 4 game series, they've earned it outright in my mind, despite their regular season record.
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