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Originally Posted by yavoon
can't really put duncan/robinson on those lists, it was just fortunate they had high character because they were going #1 no matter what. and from there it trickles down. hey maybe if he had better talent management skills he could have kept or gotten some more talented players and won 6 like phil? phil used rodman and michael(who is pretty damn abrasive). maybe if pop had the ability to use those types of players well he'd be in phil's league.
Phil had the greatest and most self-dedicated/motivated player in NBA history. Pippen wasnt too shabby either. Grant/Rodman could play and they always had some decent role players.

Shaq is a dominant center, who came into his prime years while in LA.

Duncan is a dominant post player as well, and Pop has used late-round draft picks and free agent journeymen to fill in the gaps. He's got a pretty nice track record when it comes to personnel decisions.
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