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Originally Posted by yavoon
could popovich have taken kobe/shaq and made them get along? thats phil's secret really. popovich has always had great persons as his HOF talent in david robinson and tim duncan.

as for pop's offense, its still uninnovative. u can argue that because it works its maximizing talent but I dont believe that.

like I said, pop is top 5 currently coaching, he's just not the messiah as he's had a very good core around him the entire time.

Phil Jackson is a good coach. I like Phil, but I dont think that he has anything on Pop. Have you ever considered that Pop might choose to draft/sign/play players with high character and discipline so that they will adhere to the system? Look at the list...Avery Johnson, Robinson, Duncan, Sean Elliot, Ginobili, Parker, Mohammed, Finley, traded Rodman away (as GM), Dominique Wilkins, Mario Elie, etc.
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