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Originally Posted by ro_50
So I guess Phil Jackson isnt that good of a coach because he had Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Shaq, Kobe and now Kobe again.

Great players make great coaches, but its also due to the coaching they receive.
I agree great players make great coaches. and that to some degree is a criticism of phil jackson. but I think phil has given us a good resume not only of taking this lakers team pretty damn far for having nobodies but also for making great talents play together.

I think the following coaches could be approximately as successful with the spurs:
phil jackson
pat riley
scott skiles
rick carlisle
larry brown
nate mcmillan
flip saunders
rudy tomjonvich(though not now, health)
avery johnson
mike dunleavy

and actually I'd say phil jackson would probably be more successful.

thats about all I got for now.
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