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Originally Posted by GonzoLays
What in the hell does Kevin Garnett have to do with Dirk's dismal playoff record? Dirk has had every opportunity to elevate his game to another level in the playoffs and guide his veteran laden teams to ATLEAST the NBA finals yet has fallen miserably short every year. Even when he played with the league MVP at point guard he got ousted in the first round.

I don't argue that Dirk Nowitzki is solid NBA player. His stats and ability to lead his team deep into the playoffs warrant his place among the second tier of superstars in this league.

Look at these numbers and tell me who should be the MVP:

1) 35.4 pts 5.3. rebs 4.5 assts 1.85 steals
2) 31.4 pts 7.0 rebs 6.6 assts 1.56 steals
3) 26.6 pts 9.0 rebs 2.8 assts 0.72 steals

Which statline does not belong among the three? If you guessed statline three you are correct. He is not in the same class of players as a Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. Not this year, not ever.

If you took Dirk off the Dallas Mavericks they would still win 50 games with the amount of frontline talent that is present on that team. You take Kobe or Lebron of their respective teams and they don't even make the playoffs.

You act as if it is some grave travesty that Dirk will not win the MVP this year when his stats are well below the other MVP candidates. Get over it. He is a solid player but not the MVP. Move on with your life.
How old are you, Gonzo?
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