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Originally Posted by yavoon
this isnt a beats b, b beats c, c beats a logic here, this is criticism of poppovich folding like a paper towel to the lakers.

and honestly why so mad? so I dont think popp is as amazing as other ppl? does that require all those caps? so I think poppovich's offense is uninspired? I think there's a very good case for that.

poppovich teaches solid fundamental basketball that centers around good defense, but he's also had a ton of talent. IMO popp is somewhere in the top 5 coaches currently coaching but definitely not as good as phil jackson.

I never said he was as good as Phil Jackson or even Pat Riley. So does that mean Phil Jackson folded like a paper towel when the Spurs defeated them in 2003?

Pop is a damn good coach who has been able to treat every player with the same type of respect.

He's get onto Tim Duncan as much as he does Fabrico Oberto or Beno. Pop also has innovated his offense more than his early days.
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