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Originally Posted by GonzoLays
What has Dirk done in the playoffs? A first round exit, some second round exits, and one conference finals
Dirk was drafted in 1998. Dallas has made the playoffs every year since his second season. Dallas has been eliminated in rd.1 once, rd.2 3 times, and the Conference Finals once (Dirk got injured in game 3). Dallas has never lost a series to a lower seeded team.

Im sure that Minnesota fans would love to claim that about Garnett. I'm sure that Houston fans would love to claim that about McGrady. Same goes for Cleveland fans (James), Miami fans (Wade), Philly fans (Iverson), Boston fans (Pierce), etc.

Sadly, he is unable to step up his game in the playoffs and carry his team to ATLEAST an NBA Final.
Yep. Garnett sucked in his prime.

Dirk can't have playoff series like he had against Phoenix last year and expect to be a viable MVP canidate the next.
Dirk exceeded his regular season averages against PHX, averaging 27 points and 11.5 rebounds against Phoenix. Check your facts. Dallas lost that series when Terry allowed Nash a wide open three in game 6. Dirk played great in that series...even winning game 2 on a last second shot to beat PHX in PHX.

When you are exposed for being a 7 foot jump shooter against a terrible defensive team that leaves a bad taste in voters mouths.
A conclusion based on poor research and inadequate information. You are one of the most consistently undereducated posters on the board.
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