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Originally Posted by angryllama
That's funny.

The all-star voting is even more of a popularity contest!

If shoe commercials and ESPiN highlights make the player, then Dirk is one of the worst players ever to lead their team to 6 consecutive 50+ win seasons.

The MVP is also a popularity contest. If you dont understand how certain players who dont get the media attention that others do can be slighted in that situation, then it's not even worth us having this conversation.

Dirk Nowitzki is the BEST power forward in the NBA for the second consecutive season. He'll be an all-NBA first teamer for the second year in a row. That makes him one of the top 5 players in the world, and much better than an "all-star reserve". You are truly a goober. Stick to the schtick.
What has Dirk done in the playoffs? A first round exit, some second round exits, and one conference finals. Those are some pretty bad numbers for a "great" player such as Dirk. Sadly, he is unable to step up his game in the playoffs and carry his team to ATLEAST an NBA Final. Dirk can't have playoff series like he had against Phoenix last year and expect to be a viable MVP canidate the next. When you are exposed for being a 7 foot jump shooter against a terrible defensive team that leaves a bad taste in voters mouths.

And Dirk Nowitski the BEST power forward in the game? Please, he isn't even the best power foward in Texas.
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